A daily supplement that helps alleviate life’s common aches and pains


Creating a brand shouldn’t be painful.

AlliumAll is the first product produced by Allium Vitalis, Inc. (AVI). AVI is a Life Sciences research company that was founded in 2003 with the purpose of developing nutrition-based treatments for improving health and vitality. Their goal is to develop and deploy low cost, nutrition-based solutions for improving health and vitality based on the principles that nutrition is better than drugs, and that dietary prevention is better than an after-the-fact cure.

AlliumAll AlliumAll is a nutrient-based supplement that eliminates a source of pain: Aldehydes. Recent research reveals the key role of aldehydes in producing unnecessary pain. Aldehyde molecules have long been known to be toxic because when an aldehyde spontaneously attaches to a protein, that protein is likely to no longer function normally. It also has long been known that inflammation causes tissue damage, and that aldehyde formation is a byproduct of this. It turns out that aldehydes can cause pain-sensing proteins in sensory neurons to erroneously produce pain signals from a stimulus that would not normally be painful. By removing aldehydes before they can attach to pain-sensing proteins, AlliumAll prevents this unnecessary pain.

AlliumAll Nutritional Supplement, Website And Logo

We were retained to first create a logo for Allium Vitallis, then incorporate the brand feel into AlliumAll packaging and website. Below is the nine word sales pitch slideshow that briefly explains how AlliumAll works.

Woman Looking Up Thinking About Nutritional Supplement

kind words

“I have hired Deb Viola as the key person on critical marketing projects for three startup companies. These projects have included naming a company and range of products, logo design, brochures, a video presenting a company’s very sophisticated manufacturing process… basically anything and everything having to do with a company’s identity. In every case, Deb either did the design and production work herself or pulled in other experts as needed to do the work that was out of her field. In every case, the team she assembled was phenomenal, the work got done on time and everyone was delighted. A colleague – another startup junkie – utilized Deb for logo design etc. for at least two of his companies, and was equally satisfied. I won’t ever go to anyone but Deb for this kind of work.”

— John McMahon | Chief Marketing Officer, Allium Vitalis and AlliumAll