Hazel's Sparkling Soda

hazel’s sparkling vinegar soda

Award-winning Sparkling Package Design

Hazel’s creates refreshing, non-alcoholic sparkling sodas that are healthy and delicious with no added sugars. They start with high-quality wines made in Northern California then coax the wine into a natural secondary fermentation, resulting in complex young vinegars with a great balance of acid and fruit. They blend their probiotic-rich vinegars with carbonated water, resulting in a delicious soda that pairs well with food or can be enjoyed on its own.

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Design and Production Notes

A limited budget required off-the-shelf glass and caps. We recommended adding the word “sparkling” to the name which set the tone for an effervescent visual solution that is printed digitally on a pearlescent label stock.

We also designed a simple home page presence, business cards (that also acts as a mini brochure), table cards, and a table throw for event tastings.